Uvex Race 9 Uvex Race 9 | Uvex Race 9
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Safe, light and extremely well ventilated: the newly developed road bike helmet uvex race 9 combines aerodynamics with optimal ventilation and safety.

Technical description

On the hunt for a new personal best time, everything has to be right. Whether you’re on a ride after work, training for the next competition, or in a race – if you feel completely comfortable and safe, top performances are possible. One factor that shouldn’t be underestimated is selecting the right road bike helmet. It needs to be light and well ventilated, radiate safety and not affect aerodynamics. For all road cycling devotees looking for a new, competitive and top-equipped racing bike helmet, uvex has developed the new uvex race 9.

Seamless construction with extra protection

uvex race 9 has a seamless double inmould construction with a lightweight, reinforcing cage: for low weight plus maximum impact strength, the protective EPS material is foamed directly into the polycarbonate shell. In the event of an impact, the integrated cage holds the helmet together – for extra protection, without adding unnecessary weight. Partly visible, as a design element, it replaces the webbing holders in the rear, since the strap is mounted directly in the cage. Thanks to this special construction the uvex race 9 has extra large ventilation openings while maintaining stability. The helmet pads are not embossed, so that moisture cannot settle. The rider will always keep a cool head, even on the most strenuous rides. For optimal fit the helmet is height and width adjustable, thanks to the 2k IAS half ring system.

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